Breakdown Cover for the Occasional Driver

Retirees, people who work at home, commuters who use public transportation, or owners of a second car might not require the same kind of breakdown cover as people who use their car to commute daily or who are responsible for transporting family members to all sorts of appointments. If you are a person who drives your vehicle once or twice a week, you might be able to save a great deal of money on all your vehicle insurance types by selecting a policy that recognizes your limited use of an automobile. Even so, breakdown insurance can be a blessing, especially if you rely on your vehicle for medical appointments or emergency transportation.

At-Home or Driveway Policies

Although not driving your vehicle often can cut down on the general mechanical wear, there are problems that can occur simply because your vehicle has not been used often. Fluids can settle and become thick or sludgy, especially in winter. Tires can gradually become flat and batteries have a way of losing charge over time. If these hazards were not enough, mice, rats and squirrels, if they have access to your vehicle, can create quite a lot of havoc with an automobile’s hoses and wiring. An ambitious rat can create quite an automobile repair bill just overnight.

Regular breakdown policies do not usually cover vehicles that are on private property (your driveway), or sometimes even within ten miles of your home. An At-Home or Driveway policy can help with all the above-mentioned hazards as well as smaller problems such as locking your keys in your vehicle.

Instant Breakdown Cover

If you thought you couldn’t afford breakdown cover, but suddenly find yourself stranded, it is not too late to get help. While this is not available from all breakdown insurance companies, some will allow you to sign up for an instant policy at the time that you need help.

Pay as You Go Policies

A pay as you go breakdown cover might seem a bit odd, but it can be handy. A PAYG policy allows you to sign-up for a free membership which will often have information and other member perks. When you need help, your policy information will already be at hand. All you will need to do is call up the provider and one of those wonderful vans, filled with parts and driven by a qualified mechanic, will show up at your location. You will receive the needed repairs or a tow and either pay for them at the time of service or pay out the repair over time.

Change of Circumstance

If you have signed up for a policy that is focused around the idea that you don’t drive often or drive very far, be sure to check in with your agent and get your account updated before you drive across country to that family reunion or embark on an extended motor tour. Keeping your agent in the loop will mean that should you have an unexpected mechanical failure when you are far outside your normal driving area, you will have the coverage you need. Furthermore, some places require special kinds of insurance. Your agent will know how to help you have the best account for your travels.

Working for You

Breakdown cover companies are sort of like mobile mechanic shops. They are willing to be flexible about their rules to bring their services to you.  Many common vehicle breakdowns can be solved by changing out one or two parts or perhaps even just by cleaning off battery terminals or changing a tire. Breakdown cover can save you time and perhaps even money by quickly helping you to get on your way.

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